Ying Hu

Title: Professor
Department : East China University of Science and Technology, School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering
Office Phone : +86 2164252767
Office Fax : +86 2164252767

Email : yinghu@ecust.edu.cn


Research Interests :

Molecular Thermodynamics, Equation of State
Molecular Simulation
Colloid and Interface Chemistry


Education Experience:
1953.07 B.S. East China Institute of Chemical Engineering, Shanghai, P. R. China


Work Experience:
Selected as a member of the Chinese Academy of Science


Selected Publications:

  1. Hu Y, Azevedo E, Prausnitz, J M. 1983. The Molecular Basis for Local Compositions in Liquid Mixture Model, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 13: 351-360
  2. Hu Y, Lüdecke D, Prausnitz J M. 1984. Molecular Thermodynamics of Fluid Mixtures Containing Molecules Differing in Size and Potential Energy, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 17: 217-241
  3. Hu Y, Xu Y N, Prausnitz J M. 1985. Molecular Thermodynamics of gas solubility, Fluid Phase Equilibria, 23: 15-40
  4. Hu Y, Lambert S M, Soane D S, Prausnitz J M. 1991. Double-lattice model for binary polymer solutions, Macromolecules, 24(15): 4356-4363
  5. Hu Y, Ying X G, Wu D T, Prausnitz J M. 1993. Liquid-Liquid Equilibria for Solutions of Polydisperse Polymers. Continuous Thermodynamics for the Close-Packed Lattice Model, Macromolecules,26(25): 6817-6823
  6. Hu Y, Liu H L, Prausnitz J M. 1994. A model-free method for calculating vapor-liquid equilibria for multicomponent systems from total-pressure or boiling-point data, Fluid Phase Equilibria,95(1): 73-92
  7. Hu Y, Ying X G, Wu D T, Prausnitz J M. 1995. Continuous thermodynamics for polydisperse polymer solutions, Fluid Phase Equilibria,104(1): 229-252
  8. Hu Y, Liu H L, Prausnitz J M. 1996. Equation of state for fluids containing chainlike molecules, J. Chem. Phys., 104: 396-404

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